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Conquering the carb, one recipe at a time

Victi. In Latin, it means conquered, which reflects what we’ve accomplished amidst the constant culinary struggle between health and flavor. We’re a brand committed to producing goods that support a low carb lifestyle, but refuse to compromise on quality.

Our premier product, Croccante, is a crispy, savory, artisan cracker which is both low in carbs and gluten-free. It’s crafted using all natural ingredients, including organic eggs and butter, and a special blend of herbs and seeds. We’re excited to have you taste our cracker and decide for yourself if we’ve successfully conquered the carb.

Keep an eye out for us at some of the upcoming events throughout Tehama County.  And of course, feel free to stop by our location during store hours, or come find us at the Saturday morning Red Bluff Farmer's Market on the River. 

Click below to discover the story of how Croccante came to be.

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